SwingPerfect supplies innovative established "ready to resell" golf swing training aids that provide habit-forming "connected" golf swing practice aids, which can be used indoor or outdoors, with or without golf clubs or ball. Makes golf teaching and learning easy and convenient!

We provide worldwide shipping and delivery of Swingperfect golf connect training aids.

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SwingPerfect was developed specifically for the golfer that wishes to improve his golf game.

The unique design incorporates 5-point feedback sensors that provide unparalleled feedback that allow golfers to create and maintain a "Connected" golf swing. This results in a much more consistent and reliable golf swing. The training videos demonstrate how to maximize your potential.

Other products focus mainly on the health benefits and whilst SwingPerfect will also provide all of the benefits of similar products regarding rotation and flexibility, SwingPerfect is unique that the design allows all golfers of any age, skill and ability to improve their golf swing.

SwingPerfect is available in both adults & junior size - Thus allowing resellers to capture the ever-growing junior golfer market.

The SwingPerfect is a new and innovative golf swing exercise and training aid that, with regular practice, strengthens his deep-core and torso muscles he needs to perform at his peak.
With SwingPerfect Connect he will develop his own "connected" golf swing, create effortless power and deliver the clubface back to the ball much more consistently.

SwingPerfect is the only golf-swing training aid on the market that guarantees results and offers a unique 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.