About Us

The Swing Perfect is an amazing new "Must-Have" product for golf equipment retailer, wholesaler or a golf academy.

Why we say "Must Have"?

Because Swing Perfect is already Tried, Tested and, A PROVEN Top-Seller.

Swing Perfect is THE most Effective and affordable golf swing training aid on the market today.

Swing Perfect is a premium product. It is premium packaged and offers premium profit margins for you.

Unique, habit-forming practice with Swing Perfect creates a "Connected" golf swing with effortless power and, gives your customers the ability to play their BEST golf shot, EVERY shot. Swing Perfect is available in both Adult and Junior sizes and appeals to players of ALL skill levels, and that includes: Social golfers, Senior golfers, Junior golfers and even Professional golfers.

       Benefits for Users

The Swing Perfect Connect is a new and innovative golf swing exercise and training aid that, with regular practice, strengthens his deep-core and torso muscles he needs to perform at his peak.
       With Swing Perfect Connect he will develop his own "connected" golf swing, create effortless power and deliver the clubface back to the ball much more consistently.

EFFORTLESS POWER: With regular practice he will create an effortless, powerful, connected and consistent golf swing with a cleaner and crisper ball contact!

FIX THE FLIPS: Wrist movements are greatly reduced when chipping & putting resulting in an improved short-game technique and ability!

GET CONNECTED: He will develop his postural awareness, enhance his rotational coordination and, help prevent pains and injuries.

The Unique Five-Point rotation-feedback sensors are lightweight, mounted on durable and resilient latex bands and are perfectly positioned to improve his rotational swing-plane and postural awareness.

Golf Training Made Easy: By simply maintaining equal and constant tension in the bands throughout the swing ensures his golf-swing is "connected" and, minimizes wrist action when chipping and putting.

The hand-grips provide comfort and durability during exercise & warm-up routines and are easily repositioned when practicing shots with clubs and a conventional golf-club grip.


Any commercial questions such as price, payment, shipping time, delivery status, after sales service etc., Please do not hesitate to contact us: sales@swingperfectgolf.com